REAL BI (Roxie Enabled Business Intelligence) is a potent data tool that bridges the gap between HPCC Systems clusters and insightful visualizations. It efficiently taps into HPCC Systems's extensive data resources, allowing users to create visualizations that unveil hidden data patterns and insights. With the ability to source data from various HPCC Systems facets, including Roxie queries, logical files, and ECL scripts, REAL BI empowers organizations to tailor their visualizations to specific needs, making data-driven decisions easier and more informed. Ultimately, REAL BI transforms complex data into actionable insights, facilitating smarter decision-making and driving business success.

Key features of REAL BI include:

  1. Deep Integration with HPCC Systems: REAL BI is seamlessly integrated with HPCC Systems clusters, allowing users to access and manipulate data directly without the need to transfer it between environments. This not only ensures data security but also eliminates additional costs associated with data transfer.

  2. Embedded ECL Coding: ECL developers can leverage the Embedded ECL plugin to perform data manipulations while creating charts. This feature empowers users to design custom data transformations, queries, and reporting logic with precision and efficiency.

  3. Custom Data Transformations: REAL BI enables users to create custom data transformations, making it easier to adapt data for specific visualization needs. This flexibility is particularly valuable when dealing with diverse data types and structures.

  4. Visual Data Insights: The platform allows users to turn raw data into clear and intuitive visualizations, helping organizations uncover hidden patterns and trends within their data. These visualizations provide valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.

  5. Streamlined Data Analysis: By connecting directly to HPCC Systems data clusters, REAL BI simplifies the process of extracting actionable insights from complex data. This streamlining of data analysis supports more informed and efficient decision-making.

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