HPCC Systems® Auth Service

In the realm of digital security and user authentication, Auth-service shines as a trusted solution, utilized by instances of Tombolo and REAL BI (Roxie Enabled Business Intelligence), and tested with HPCC clusters for user authentication and authorization.

At its core, Auth-service relies on JWT tokens for robust access control, employing digital signatures and key pair verification to ensure that only authorized users can enter protected areas. Beyond token management, Auth-service offers an intuitive user interface for seamless user administration, enabling organizations to easily manage user accounts and permissions.

Furthermore, Auth-service extends its capabilities through APIs, allowing developers to integrate token generation and verification seamlessly into their applications. This enhances security and simplifies the authentication process. The adoption of Auth-service by instances of Tombolo and Real BI, coupled with its thorough testing with HPCC clusters, underscores its reputation for reliability, security, and user-friendliness. Auth-service is the preferred solution for organizations seeking to strengthen their security measures without compromising operational efficiency, making it a valuable asset in the quest for data protection in today's digital age.

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